About Us

About Terra Advocati

Terra Advocati was initiated with the belief that ordinary citizens could do ordinary and exta-ordinary things that would have the power of positive influence on their fellow citizens looking for an avenue for their own positive influence.

We are teachers; we are students; we are activists and community organizers; we have a vision of a better world where true value is not measured in profit margins and quarterly earnings. Those of us who have chosen to become an active part of Terra Advocati, have, through a good bit of our lives, been dismayed at the imperfections of the status quo - the inequities, the injustices, the exploitation and the forfeiture of our humanness for temporal materialism. We see immense possibilities for good to prevail and we long for a world where fairness and justice are the rule. The bio-sphere will be the true beneficiary of our efforts.

We, at Terra Advocati, will continue to struggle for fairness and equality in dealings with people and the planet. We believe that living in harmony with nature must be the rule and that continued exploitation of the earth's resources for profit, will ultimately lead to our own destruction. If the current trend continues, the road to that ultimate destruction will be paved with immense suffering.

It is not beyond our power to play a major role in helping to turn the world around. Terra Advocati believes that we are a force for positive change and we provide multiple avenues to become active toward that goal. We are a dedicated cadre of eco-warriors in the battle for clean air, water and healthy soils. We seek to be a resource for others to exercise their creativity in the fight to heal an ailing planet. We are Terra Advocati and we welcome your involvement.

POLICY 1 (adopted unanimously by the TA Board of Directors on 4/7/17)

Institutional discrimination is a reality of American society. Terra Advocati, while working toward healing an ailing planet, seeks to address the widespread social ill of rampant discrimination. We intently and vehemently support a strong anti-discrimination policy. Terra Advocati adheres to the principles of fairness and equality in all its undertakings and furthermore, will support the protection of people regardless of their ability, race, class, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression and/or identity. We will actively protect vulnerable populations who suffer discrimination at all levels of society.

* * * Terra Advocati's anti-discrimination policy embraces a radical inclusiveness for the 99%. We oppose neo-liberalism, repression and various manifestations of patriarchy and misogyny embedded in cultural practices and state policies. * * *

POLICY 2 (adopted unanimously by the TA Board of Directors on 4/7/17)

Knowing that agricultural practices over the last seventy years have diminished the nutritional capacity of crops, have contaminated soils, and waterways and have destroyed large populations of beneficial insects as well as whole species of animals, Terra Advocati works to address the issue of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical applications designed to regulate biological processes solely for corporate profiteering. We also find it necessary to address the genetic modification of plant life, again designed only to increase the profits of the corporations involved. We believe it is vital to not only call out the true agenda of those institutions involved, but also to encourage consumer awareness in alternatives to corporate agriculture.

* * *Terra Advocati supports the consumption of untainted, non-genetically modified and toxic-free organic fruits and vegetables. We vehemently oppose the continued and unhealthy contamination of our food and we work to expose the fraudulent practices of the chemical industry and agri-business as they poison the planet for profit.* * *

POLICY 3 (adopted unanimously by the TA Board of Directors on 4/7/17)

There are a number of ways to affect political, social and cultural change. We have the ballot box for the election of public officials; we have our pocket books to let companies know whether their products and services are to our liking; and we have discourse on issues of importance to our country. Terra Advocati supports all of the non-violent means we have at our disposal to address the climate crisis and mark the path to a future where clean air and water are maintained by non-polluting, sustainable and renewable energy sources and business practices take into account the health and safety of consumers and workers over profit making.

* * * Terra Advocati believes that civil disobedience is a vital and effective strategy in furthering the discourse toward real change necessary to improve our society and the health of the planet. The world changes largely in response to the actions of citizens. It is a moral imperative that we address the injustices of planetary destruction with concrete action. Non-violent, civil disobedience is a means of action we wholly support. * * *