Meet The Team

Our Vision

Our vision includes the following:

To increase public awareness of health issues brought about by the chemical industry and corporate agriculture.

To empower the citizenry to support policies that will improve the health and safety of their families.

To dispense information that will lead to self-determination, community sufficiency and regulatory control.

To help set standards for the well-being of neighborhoods and municipalities.

To provide specific examples for the conservation of resources and the implementation of soft technologies.

To involve citizens in the process of determining public welfare in their localities.

To join with other organizations with which we share ideals, compounding our influence.

To set goals for individuals and communities toward becoming more energy efficient.

To have active and determined ad-hoc committees to address issues of immediate environmental expediency.

To provide resources to those who want to become more active in the struggle to save the planet.

To propose and help implement the concept that "democracy" is a life-style necessary for personal well-being.

To provide people with the tools they need to become knowledgable and fully functional.

To educate the public about the environmental crisis and provide the means to help change the course.

We, at Terra Advocati, welcome all interested and concerned citizens to join these efforts toward working for sustainable eco-systems and a healthier planet.

Meet the Team Passionate about the Environment

Dee Lusk

Dee is a retired public educator. He has worked on a number of projects involving animal care, rescue, rehabilitation and public awareness. Dee is a long-time advocate for resource conservation and sustainable energy policy. He is a performing artist, musician and song-writer in San Antonio, Texas and lends his time and talents to many important causes. Dee is a Founding Member of Terra Advocati.

Jessica Ramirez

Jessica currently works with several groups dedicated to feral animal communities in San Antonio, Texas. She has expertise in methods of controlling feline populations, educating citizens on the importance of domestic animal spay/neuter programs and providing for the health and care of wildlife as well as that of unwanted companion animals. Jessica is a Founding Member of Terra Advocati.

Larry Starkey

Larry has been an educator for over thirty years. He currently works on social justice and environmental issues and serves as the treasurer for a community organization in San Antonio, Texas. Larry has been involved in several environmental and animal advocacy organizations for many years and regularly participates in projects that promote environmental awareness and animal welfare.

Jess Mayes

Jess Mayes is a passionate environmental advocate who believes that practical sustainability education should transcend socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic boundaries. He advises, designs, and implements sustainable systems by working extensively with various clients, governments, and NPO’s throughout Texas, Central America, and Mexico. In 2014 he received an award from President Obama for his work in environmental stewardship.

Janet Starkey

Janet Starkey has been intimately involved in animal care and protection for the better part of her life. She is well versed in emergency procedures and has a background in veterinary technology. Besides being a caretaker and rescuer of animals in crisis, she is a strong advocate for the rights and welfare of all animals domestic, feral and endangered. Janet is a former educator, with certifications in mathematics, accounting and financial services. She has a deep concern for planetary well-being and is aware of the connection between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. Janet is an environmental activist and member of several organizations addressing bio-hazards, toxic waste and the importance of organic food production.

Advisory Team

Darrell Balderrama
A.J. Giliberto*, Kansas
Sandy Givens*
Joe Hernandez
Bryce Knutzen
Steven Lane, Information Technology
Ashley Martinez, Washington
Ruben Martinez*
Jason Meckel
Kim Dotson, Esq, Legal Advisor, West Virgina
Marissa Ramirez
Oscar Solis
Tom Simek, New Mexico Office Agent
Arturo Tovar

*Founding Member