How we Enrich the Environment

Conservation Services

Terra Advocati believes that citizens concerned about their individual environmental impacts should be able to lessen that negative impact by having access to systems that will support environmental quality and will also save them money in the long-term. We sponsor projects that are easily adapted to residential properties at reasonable rates, including gardens and vegetation utilizing permaculture, alternative energy and resource conservation, and lifestyle adjustments that lessen detrimental effects.

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Our Land

Earth, as air and water, are necessary to sustain life. We have an obligation to be conscientious caretakers of these essential resources. Keeping them free from exploitation by those who would seek to profit by their destruction, is the goal of Terra Advocati. The land in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico was acquired with the intention of preserving a small yet wonderfully beautiful part of the planet. We see ourselves as stewards of a patch of ground that sustains a myriad of plants and animals and it is our intention to preserve this section of earth in perpetuity.

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How to Get Involved

Inspiration sets imagination in motion. We are inspired by those who came before and those who stand alongside of us. Terra Advocati maintains a firm belief that actions inspired by others themselves become the inspiration for future actions; that projects springing up from imaginations will spark other imaginative responses to problems and issues of importance to the planet. This on-going and ever-growing display of creative reactions to what we see as environmental injustice, species endangerment, resource depletion, food over-processing and lack of access to life necessities, is the vision Terra Advocati continues to uphold.

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