Conservation Services

Terra Advocati believes that citizens concerned about their individual environmental impacts should be able to lessen that negative impact by having access to systems that will support environmental quality and will also save them money in the long-term. We sponsor projects that are easily adapted to residential properties at reasonable rates, including gardens and vegetation utilizing permaculture, alternative energy and resource conservation, and lifestyle adjustments that lessen detrimental effects.

Terra Advocati is also vitally interested in species advocacy. We are a resource for animal care, rehabilitation and sustenance, and sponsor those projects that help to protect our local and regional wildlife, as well as aid in the recovery of endangered animal and plant species.

What the Community Thinks:

Observant neighbors have noticed the recently installed recycling containers alongside the walking trail in Mahncke Park. The city of San Antonio responded to a request for the containers from Terra Advocati director Tim Duda, a longtime resident and user of the park. It is hoped that the new "blue" containers will result in less refuse in the park and help San Antonio in achieving the aggressive goal of having recyclables account for 60% of collections by 2025. Thank you Tim and Terra Advocati.

Bruce Martin
Editor, Mahncke Park Neighborhood Newsletter

I was extremely pleased with Jess Mayes’ work for Terra Advocati on my the rainwater harvesting system at my house.  He was prompt when I initially contacted him, then kept in touch so we could schedule the actual start date, which was dependent on other contractors.  When we could schedule, he found a time that worked for both of us, with no delay, did the work promptly on schedule.  He let me know all along the way what was happening, after first checking with me to make sure he knew what I wanted.  Then he made everything happen just the way I expected, as economically as possible, using parts I already had if they were in decent shape, since we were rehabbing an old system.

In short, I am so pleased to take care of an issue which has been on my mind for several years.  Jess Mayes made the solution easy.  I would recommend him and Terra Avocati most enthusiastically.

Carlynn Ricks
Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association

As an educator, I've come to realize that Environmental Science is as much about awareness and activism as it is about the science. Activism and world engagement is particularly difficult in my lower socioeconomic school district, where many students hardly ever leave their side of town. Tim and Terra Advocati helped my students find their own unique voice. They facilitated the most meaningful project based learning my students had the whole year and pushed my students to think critically about pollution right here in San Antonio. I couldn't ask for more from the organization.

Bryce Knutzen
Excel Academy, Environmental Science Teacher, Lanier High School
Duke University 2015 | TFA Corps