Tolerance, idealism, altruism, compassion and a commitment to the best that we can become, should be goals of the educational process.  We at Terra Advocati are intent on providing the tools to reach those lofty goals.  As teachers and community activists, we are determined to help set the world straight on the path to rejuvenation by calling into question the status quo and by considering alternatives to patterns of traditional thinking.  Caring and concern for the planet includes the same for all its inhabitants and we promote solutions to social problems as well as environmental issues.  

Education is the empowering tool students need for personal development.  The ultimate outcome of empowerment addresses social and environmental crises with what is necessary to alter the critical direction of society toward a more just and democratic system.  We are all victims of injustice to varying degrees based on our gender, race, cultural background and socio-economic status.  Women, racial and ethnic minorities and the poor are subject to extreme discrimination in our society.   Unfair treatment in daily life situations because of adverse stereotyping is the definition of social injustice and environmental problems are particularly formidable among these groups.  

The empowerment of the educational process builds character, strengthens convictions and opens doors previously locked to those most severely victimized by an unjust social and political system.  We at Terra Advocati are intent on supplying the information, direction, motivation and skills to manipulate the bureaucracy in their favor – a bureaucracy too long manipulated by those who would exploit the masses for their own economic gain.  

With that in mind, Terra Advocati has instituted an array of educational workshops for the sole purpose of instilling personal empowerment ultimately resulting  in social and environmental justice.   These workshops are open to secondary and college students ready to take their rightful positions as change-makers.  Workshops are based on needs assessments and an analysis of goals both short and long term.  We are in the process of piloting a program at a local San Antonio high school and will be constructing curriculum to meet the particular needs of that population.  The culmination of this program in the Spring of '19 will be a debriefing and retreat around environmental stewardship.

We have high expectations for the Terra Advocati Eco-Retreat Program.  Contact Terra Advocati for further information and how you can help make this program a success.