How to Get Involved

Inspiration sets imagination in motion. We are inspired by those who came before and those who stand alongside of us. Terra Advocati maintains a firm belief that actions inspired by others themselves become the inspiration for future actions; that projects springing up from imaginations will spark other imaginative responses to problems and issues of importance to the planet. This on-going and ever-growing display of creative reactions to what we see as environmental injustice, species endangerment, resource depletion, food over-processing and lack of access to life necessities, is the vision Terra Advocati continues to uphold.

Board Members and Advisors of Terra Advocati have initiated and taken part in numerous activities designed to call attention to and solve problems the planet and its micro-environments face. Whether an issue is of crisis proportion or is one of emerging importance, our organization believes that taking direct action to alleviate a bad situation is the beginning of personal empowerment and serves as a rallying cry toward widespread mass action. We have participated in citywide recycling efforts, given classes and sponsored workshops on environmental racism, been vociferous advocates on behalf of threatened and endangered species, and many other issues of significant importance. Our personal lives are dedicated to living sustainably, consciously and with integrity.

Terra Advocati is a resource for others to become active. We utilize our connections to encourage citizen involvement from the local to the international level. We support all organizations that share our philosophy of improving the planet for the welfare of all living beings and continue to seek new ways for active participation to impact public policy. It is our firm belief that personal empowerment leads to social change. To remain powerless is ultimately self-destructive. To become emboldened is to be alive in every sense. We stress the relevance of personal involvement in the process from planting trees to protesting pipelines. Ours is the future to create. Our lives and the planet’s existence are at stake.

We have volunteer opportunities involving clean-ups along rivers, streams and trails; recycling efforts in communities without curbside recycling; gardening and green space volunteering for individuals and neighborhoods. We supply information and consultation on composting, water catchment, and energy conservation. Terra Advocati works on projects supporting urban wildlife, species endangerment, resource conservation and sustainable lifestyles. We advocate for organic agriculture, clean renewable energy and bio-diverse habitats. There are many opportunities to get involved through Terra Advocati and we welcome all suggestions for future activities.